De Malawi droom

– van Christopher Mvula

Christopher Mvula woont in het Kasungu Disctict in Malawi. Christopher is een leider in het district waar SEEn haar projecten ontplooit. Christopher leidt ons de weg naar de verdere ontwikkeling van Malawi en in het bijzonder het Kasungu District. 


This is a rural community development dedicated to prepare men, women, and the youth including the school leavers to become self support leaders in the rural areas. This can be done by providing suitable education and affordable leadership training to all the people in the community who want to be trained.


  1. I am very much concerned with the development at rural level or at grass root level  where the majority of the people live. We want to eliminate or diminish the root cause to human development both socially, spiritually, physically, economically, and environmentally.  In order that we should be in contact with many more specialized  mission teams preachers, donors like you, teachers, doctors,  nurses, agriculturalists,  social workers, relief and development experts so that they can work together  by offering a humble holistic services to the entire community in my area.
  2. To promote a team work and community living and also to create an environment in which all members shall learn to live and work together in order to develop both educational, spiritual and physical needs.
  3. To establish charitable schemes such as orphan care, child rehabilitation centers for youth and other children ministries and also women ministries at family level and also counseling to these ministries.
  4. To serve as an extension of passing massages from the government to all the people in our community from  Health, Education and also environmental  and also passing spiritual matters.
  5. To establish education foundation in order to promote nursery schools and junior primary schools in my areas as one way to participate in national development.
  6. Environmental concerns, this is to look into the preservation of God’s marvelous creation and nature.


At the main training centre, the trainees will be provided with the balanced training with the word of God which is the most important of all. They will also learn practical skills such as;

  1. Farming
  2. Tailoring
  3. Tinsmith
  4. Home economics
  5. Primary health care and aids
  6. Adult literacy


My other  dream is about encouraging people in farming. Should I get started as a non profit organization, and indeed like with what you want to bring up in my community it can be an organization dedicated to help train and help the poor people in farming so that they can be helping themselves after the training.  Through these projects we hope to demonstrate that agriculture can be profitable venture. This again can assist local farmers in establishing their own operations. In this process new jobs are created, more goods becomes available for the market place and ultimately the general economy of the community in which we are working  will be improved.

With all that, please look into all my points of dreams, and really need sponsorship for all that to be done.

I promise to work with you and I pray to God that this outbreak of coranavirus should come to an end.